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How Far In Advance Should I Book My Show?

The time frame that we suggest is 1-2 weeks in advance. You may book a few months in advance if you are a planner, and if you are a non-planner and want to book the same week or day of, we can do that too. The more last minute you book, the tougher it is to get your choice of dancer. Either way we can cover your show!

How Long is the Performance?

The show is minimally 30 minutes and can last up to an hour (sometimes even longer). It seems that most shows last approximately 45 minutes. If the guests are participating in the show and the tips are good, the male strippers stay longer!

How Much Should I Tip?

Tips are not included in the show price. These men offer a service and tips are a majority of their income. For that purpose we recommend a $200 tip minimum. If you are planning a party of 20 people, each person would only have to bring $10 to reach the minimum.

We understand going to the bank and asking for 100s of singles can be a hassle. To make it easier for you our male dancers carry singles ready to be exchanged for larger bills. If that is something you would like to do, just bring it up with your dancer before the show starts.

Can We Take Photos?

In most cases, you can take photos at your party. In some circumstances, the dancers do not want pictures taken due to their careers outside of dancing. Please just ask the dancer when you speak with them prior to your show.

Can We Touch the Dancers and do They Touch Us?

Yes and yes. Our dancers touch our clients but they use discretion. The moves they do are what we call “symbolic”… Meaning they should be non-offensive but their moves represent what a stripper does at most shows.

If you don’t want to be touched at all just stay near the back and don’t waive a dollar bill in the air!

Can Men be at Our Party?

If the party has a mixed audience, having men there is fine. As long as the men there do not interfere with the show the dancer will perform. If you have a gay friend and you want him there, that is fine also. He too must not interfere with the show and must be respectful of the male dancer’s boundaries.

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