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For your Bachelorette parties and Girls' Nights of wild fun in Rochester Hills, we provide you with only professionally trained strippers. On your very last night of freedom, we deliver sexy and gorgeous hunks straight to your door. Our sexy, seductive male dancers will show up at your house or venue, ready to perform for a long time with costumes such as cop, fireman, cowboy, lifeguard, and business suit. We offer a range of dancers to choose from, from muscular gods to dark and beautiful tall ones.

The men are capable of striking down to their boxers or g-string. Through our professional hiring process, we have men that have graced the cover and centerfold of Playgirl Magazine while others have been on European Tours from Lead Chippendale.

We can accommodate your needs in Rochester Hills, whether you want a gentle performance or a wild performance. We specialize in providing the ultimate experience of upscale, exotic entertainment. Our professional service and positive attitude are our pride. At a price that you can afford, we strive to provide you with the highest quality service. In order to be on time and reliable, we make it a point.

Our guys and girls are exotic dancers, and they're not escorts! Also, to ensure a fun, longer party for you and your guests, please cooperate with and treat the dancers with kindness, respect and to participate in party activities.

As the party host, you will be accountable for the conduct of your audience. Please help to keep your party under control and to comply with requests from the dancers. The male dancers have supplied all the photos you see. No stock photos or images cut out of magazines, or images of girls no longer working for the company like the one you're most likely going to see on the websites of some of our competitors.

Now there are companies out there trying to tell you that "Our dancers will stay all night at your party.” Please, don't fall for this misleading tactic. There are schedules for all dancers. They will stay at your party as long as they can, given that you and your guests treat them GOOD, but you can't really expect them to stay all night at your party.

We suggest you schedule it as soon as you have information about the party. The date, time, location of the party, telephone # and any other information relevant to the party would be this information.

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